Saturday, December 19, 2015

After Hours: Riley Dupree

What did you do to prepare yourself for the role of “Riley Dupree” in the series Beauty?
I can tell you what I didn’t do. Sleep. I was too wracked with nerves I couldn’t. I stayed up running lines and by the time I got to the audition I was so tired I think I must have passed out a few times waiting for my name to be called. The worst was actually yawning as I was doing my piece. I was so sure I’d screwed up and that was it. I was surprised when my agent called to tell me I’d gotten the role!

What did you enjoy the most with your time on Beauty?
The experience of it all. Beauty was my first major gig. I’d had a few roles here and there, mostly walk on stuff. Beauty was the first time I got a script with words haha. It was a great time and I really enjoyed my time on the set with the rest of the cast. It was a HUGE deal for me and it really helped me get my foot in the door. I think I made a rather interesting presence on the show. I’ve even been recognized by adoring or rather non-adoring fans.

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After Hours: Victor Murphy

What did you do to prepare yourself for the role of “Victor Murphy” in the series Codename: Danger?
The normal routine. I read the script, I rehearsed it over and over with my mirror, my wife, my kids, my mailman. The morning of auditions, I went in with a huge smile and as much confidence as I could muster and performed to the best of my ability. I had three callbacks and was told that I’d know the result by week’s end.

What’s surprised you the most about being selected for this role?
Uh…haha…the sex scenes or more specifically the topless scenes. Not even kidding. One of the stipulations in my contract was to keep my shirt on. I didn’t want to do nudity or anything in the role. I got the call from my agent telling me that they were considering me for the role and saw that line in my contract and it was pushing them to another actor, Gary Stone who had auditioned two days before me. So he goes ‘Vic, man, you have to reconsider your stance on the no nudity thing if you want to bag this role.’ I was still a little, you know, eh…this is something my kids and my family is going to see. Do I really want to show my ass to them and everyone else I know? So after really thinking it over I finally had to come out of my own ways and just go for it. Roles like this don’t come every day. The series lasted seven seasons and in that time I made some truly wonderful friends and learned so much about the business that I don’t think I would have had I continued to refuse. I’m very grateful for Codename: Danger.
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After Hours: Connor Morvant

What do you do to get into character for the role of “Connor Morvant” in the series After Midnight?
Nothing out of the norm, I suppose. I rehearse three times a week with different people; depending on what the script calls for. I keep in shape because well…there’s an abundance of topless and nude moments in the show. I will also watch older episodes so I can keep up with everything that’s happened to not only my character but the rest of the cast. I don’t really have any particular ritual. But I do enjoy running lines with Charlie. He’s a real crack up. He keeps me laughing. He’s also a practical joker. He makes coming to work every day pretty interesting. You never know what gag to expect or on whom. From removing the wheels on the camera crews’ golf carts to coloring Kaya’s hair blue (no that was not originally part of the script. It was a shower prank Charlie pulled on her). He keeps it fun!

What’s surprised you the most about being selected for this role?
The amount of fun that I have on set. As mentioned previously the entire cast is just a real pleasure to be around. I’m very lucky to have been chosen to work in such a relaxed environment with an eclectic group of people who just seem to mesh really well. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have asked for a better role.
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

After Hours: Loretta Coleman

What did you do to prepare yourself for the role of “Loretta Coleman” in the series Cold Blooded?
I watched a lot of Bewitched. I’m not even kidding. I wanted to model “Loretta” after the character Endora (Samantha’s mother) of that series. She was a strong and powerful witch but also kind and loving. I loved her quirkiness the most I think. I wanted Loretta to be just as fun and just as strong but also I wanted to show her level of um…cunning as well. I needed her to have a small, very miniscule sliver of evil to her too.  
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A Savage Meeting – Pt. 5 – Checkmate – Finale

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

After Hours: Nicholas DeLong

What did you do to prepare yourself for the role of “Nicholas DeLong” in the series Beauty?
I don’t think I’m a method actor but I do like to think I am able to transform myself into the role of the character; I like to become the character. For ‘Nick’, I became a support system. I worked on becoming a person who was loyal and understanding of something the lead role of ‘Blake Foster’ was going through. I mean it’s hard to be a friend to someone who basically has admitted to becoming some supernatural, unstoppable killing machine. So I worked on believability of ‘Nick’s’ acceptance to the situation and did as I thought he would having been the wolf’s closest friend. And I also wanted to maintain a sort of humorous edge to him. He was a bit of comic relief, something I think that helped ‘Blake’ feel comfortable as the wolf around someone he’d known his entire life.
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A Savage Meeting – Pt. 4 – Bestial

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